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Product Use Comment
Gas Internal fuel or waste  
LPG A mixture of propane and butane gas used for heating and cooking. Normally provided in high-pressure cylinders. Liquefied Petroleum Gas
LSR Often blended directly into gasoline but can be treated further to improve properties such as octane. Light Straight Run. The lightest fraction of the crude which is liquid at atmospheric conditions.
Hydrogen Internal use or sale  
Naphtha This fraction is separated into LSR and heavier naphtha, which is then further treated (e.g. reformed) before being blended into gasoline. The crude column overhead liquid product.
Kerosene Used to produce jet fuel or illuminating paraffin. Normally the lightest side stream from a crude column.
Diesel Used to produce diesel, fuel oil or lubricants. Side stream distillates from an atmospheric or vacuum tower.
Residue Used for fuel oil or further processed to increase the yield of lighter products. The bottom product of an atmospheric or vacuum column.

Product Specifications

  • TBP
  • ASTM Distillation
  • API Gravity - Density
  • RVP
  • Flash Point
  • Octane
  • Cetane
  • Viscosity
  • Cloud Point
  • Pour Point
  • Cut Point
  • End Point
  • Gap-Overlap
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